my son write very slow... how can I improve his writting skills??

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Updated on Jul 30, 2016

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and in taking his teacher as your partner in helping vedant. Here are a few tips - 1. Speak to your child's teacher in case you haven't already, have a detailed chat with her and share your challenge and the exact situation, also seeking her support and partnership to help your child do better at writing. 2. Speed in writing takes time to hone for a child, vedant may struggle in the beginning , but pls don't let go of your encouragement and support at all these times. Don't lose your patience considering there would be several kinds of pressure from the academics/teacher etc. 3. Get an easel/white wall for your child in his room and get him different colour markers, let him play with the board/white wall, let him scribble, write and more. Encourage him to write what he wants to. 4. Read this blog for some handy tips to help your child with his handwriting - Hope this helps.

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