Nutrition Assistence for my 6 month old baby boy. Can also please suggest diet of food to be given to baby upto the age of 1 year as to what and how much to feed baby and a healthy diet. I have recently introduced food to my baby n i badly need guidance.

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Updated on Aug 09, 2016

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The general rule to be followed here is till 6 months exclusive breastfeeding. Post 6 months introduce top feed in form of liquid diet that is dal ka paani along with the breastfeed. As the baby grows introduce semi-solid food like sooji ki kheer, daliya that has been roasted and steamed to the point where it can be easily mashed with the help of a spoon. Gradually introducing him to solid foods. The break up can be pre-morning : Milk Morning: breakfast Mid morning: one/half fruit Afternoon: Lunch post lunch sleep Mid afternoon: milk evening: one/half fruit night: dinner milk before sleeping.

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