Ok so my son is 3 years 4 months now. Goes to pre nursery. He had been unwell for over 4 months now. On and off cold and cough. He is fine for a week used to resume to school and then get unwell for 15 days. Lately, because of bad polluted air in Delhi he was again unwell and indoors for over a week and now again cold and cough. My child is tired of regular nebulising and medicines like LCZ. It's becoming a task to give him medicines and nebulising him plus he gets fussy with food too unable To go to parks or any recreational activity. He is confined to 4 walls and this is getting depressing for me to see him like that. I know as mothers you all can understand my ordeal. I am looking for some natural tips/ home remedies to keep him healthy.

Created by Neha Matta
Updated on Nov 10, 2016

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