Raising a tolerant child... some tips as to how

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Updated on Dec 16, 2015

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the answer to which touches the entire growing years for a child. Here are a few quick tips: 1. Role model for your child. Explain your actions to your child at times, especially if your child is curious or seems to be clueless about your behaviour and reactions on certain situations. It's perhaps the most important aspect to raising a tolerant child, so as to know, that our child is always watching us and picking our actions and reactions. 2. Value based books, especially which have stories with easy to understand lessons and takeaways for a child go a long way. for e. g. standing up for the weak 3. Encourage your child to ask questions, and be supportive and generous with your answers. Use resource materials like books, music, videos, pictures to help your child follow/understand. 4. Empathy is the undercurrent to tolerance, and brings the right balance. Role model empathetic understanding of others' situation, also grievance sharing from an early age. shouting, being aggressive is something children pick up easily. 5. Avoid generalization in day-to-day situations and share the logic/reasoning behind a first time situation for a child. For e. g. why is it that a certain group of people have loud music and processions and how some others have a different way of celebrating a festival. How both of them are two different approaches, and how an individual may make his/her own choice. Most importantly, do share your thoughts in a language easily understandable for a child, age appropriate and easy to follow. Don't dismiss your child's understanding ability, a child of 5 years has a far more advanced learning curve than an adult of 25 or more. You child shall be able to understand and follow you if you explain. Hope this helps Jaswinder.

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