Respected Mam! My daughter is 2. 5 years old .. she had fits two times with one year gap,.. although treatment is continue .. she is active she understand everything.. follow my commands.. she is at crawling stage .. sometime she tries to walk with the help of bed etc.. but this is only depends on her mood.. we cant force her to walk.. what should i do?? sometime she became very fussy.. she dont like to struggle for new things.. nd she also had a bad habit of thumbing .. she is not expressive ..kindly Gide me

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Updated on May 12, 2019

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Since she is on treatment I request you to be patient with her. Give her time to do things on her own. When she is ready to walk she will. Do not get stressed about this. Children will rhumb suck when they are bored or anxious or sick. Thumb sucking at this age has to be broken as soon as possible. It will interfere with the jaw development and teeth alignment. It can impact speech development too. It is alright to be firm and strict when it comes to breaking this habit. You can try these steps 1. Buy Mavala Stop nail polish that is available at Amazon. It is clear and bitter. You can apply it on her thumb 2. Observe when she is thumbsucking - before good or sleep ? Set a timer and see if you can prevent manually. 3. Tie a complicated bandage to prevent 4. Set a timer for every hour. If he has not sucked her thumb appreciate herby rewarding a sticker. Create a sticker chart. When she collects ten or twenty then you can give a treat. 6. Put on gloves and then tie a bandage. Make it difficult for her to suck her thumb. All the best

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