Respected sir/Madam. My Question is this :My wife is a central Govt employee. I work as a teacher in a Govt school. My son studied in the same school where i was working till Ist std. Later I got my job in Govt sector in 2012. All these years i have Been taking care of my son till my wife reaches home. she reaches home by 0700pm. I reach by 0530PM. I used to prepare food and give him in case my wife turn up late in the evening. Iam not sending him to tuitions anywhere. I personally see to his learning part and teach Him also. My wife rarely sits with him as far as his studies is concerned. She duly prepares food and give him. My son studies in sixth class now where he can take care of himself .Of recently my Mother -in-law started residing next to our street. Now my son goes straight to her house and spents time there. she is changing his dietary pattern. Not only that in past when my son Fell ill i used to take leave and take care of him. Nowadays my wife wants her mother to take care of my son which i feel as an intervention in performing my duties as a father. Iam not against my son spending time with his grandmother but i do not like her intervention in the above mentioned aspects such as diet and taking care of him. kindly guide me in this aspect.

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Updated on Jun 03, 2017

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