Speach Problem My Kid is 3. 10 month old, suddenly from past 20 days he is not able to speak properly, like he has started stammering say if he want to say "papa i want water" he was say "pa pa pa pa pa papa i want watel"(he is also not able to pronounce Letter R properly he will say watel not water) but that is a different issue , i asked my pediatrician he says that its all because of STRESS , he asked us not to correct him or interfere when he talks like this , let him talk do not stress him just ignore him he will be okay and another thing he asked for was not to shout in front of him, do not scold him for anything, let him relax let him do whatever he wants to do I saw some improvement in him but since last week he has started doing more and sometimes he himself says papa why i am not able to speak, and now he is not able to speak a single work without stammering like "papa i want water" he will say "pa pa pa pa pa pa papa i i i i i i want wa wa wa wa watgel" right now he his having summer vaccations so hes at home i am very worried what will happen if his condition doesn't improve how will he cope up in his class, children might make funo f him or he might not feel the inferiority complex or anything like that. we as parents are already very stressed due to this , we try to not show in front of him but it is becoming very difficult, please if any of you has gone through this and help us in any way let us know, will be really grateful , cz the doc says let he be like this he will be okay soon just ignore as stammering does not comes from mouth it comes mind so let him relax, and he does not require any medical help like speach therapy or anything. Thankd in advance

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Dear Varun , Though it is a little difficult to diagnose this without seeing the child. Nevertheless, since the problem seemed to have emerged only in the past 20 days, I suggest you meet a speech therapist for a thorough diagnosis. The speech therapist can then suggest if it is stress or an articulation problem. Depending on the diagnosis they can suggest speech therapy or other behavioural therapies. I hope this helps. cheers and have a happy day :-) - See more at: http://parentune.com/parent-talk/speach-problem-my-kid-is-310-month-old-suddenly-from-past-20-days-he-is-not-able-to-speak-properly-like-he-has-started-stammering-say-if-he-want-to-say-papa-i-want-water-he-was-say-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-papa-i-want-watelhe-is-also-not-able-to-pronoun#comments

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