Teeth cleaning habit for my child

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Updated on Jul 24, 2019

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Brush Teeth

It is advised to start brushing as the first tooth emerges completely, to begin with, one can start with finger brushing. You can also take a soft clean cotton cloth to clean teeth initially and then introduce a soft bristle brush. Toothpaste is always recommended in pea-size quantity. Sometimes the child does not like the taste of toothpaste too and hence avoid brushing so you may try to brush without using any toothpaste and then slowly introduce it. At this age (1-6yr) children do not like brushing or resist brushing their teeth. One needs to make brushing playful so that the child enjoys it. You may follow these tips to make brushing fun for child-Try bushing together, get some attractive brushes which have their favourite cartoon characters, read colorful picture book on brushing, explain your child what happens if we don’t brush and keep our teeth clean to build his/her interest, you can dance or sing while brushing to make it a fun activity

For any decay or black spot or yellowish teeth, it is recommended to see a dentist. However to prevent further decay introduce brushing twice, flossing and avoid giving any sticky sweet food item before bedtime, introduce soft bristle brush.

Here are few blogs which may help you How to make your toddler brush teeth, What Is The Right Age To Start Brushing? What Foods to Avoid for Dental Health? and 5 Tips: Dental care for newborns

Note: Please check for allergies in your child and his/her medical condition. Please consult with the Doctor in person for physical examination and treatment.

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