thank you ma'am for your reply. to some extent he understands what we say and also makes few sounds. he says ball as ba,also he shows few of the body parts. if he is thirsty or hunger , he expresses it by showing that particular things by going to kitchen room. as a mother i feel that all the activities are fine. the only problem is not speaking any words.

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That is good. He is just 1 year is it not. At this age * the child is putting together different non-sense syllables (consonant-vowel) together, like “buh duh gah”. * Has adult-like tone of voice.  This means that although they aren’t using real words, their pitch rises and falls as if they are asking a question or making an exclamation. * Uses a variety of vowels anD consonants while babbling The child * Responds to no * Responds to his/her own name * Points at things as if to ask what it is called * Coos, squeals, and shouts for attention * Laughs at times * Tries to communicate with others through actions and gestures * Smiles at self in mirror * Plays peek-a-boo type games * Copies simple actions of others Your 1-year-old should be able to understand quite a few words by now.  This means that if you mention a familiar object or person, your child will point to it or look at it.  For example, if you say “Where’s Daddy?”, he should be able to find Daddy in the room by looking for him.  Around 12 months of age is typically when we hear children saying their first word.  However, some children say their first word a few months before that and some a few months after.

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