This is on reference to my previous question about my intelligent child with poor emotional balance. Thanks Expert Swapna Nair, I wish to get in deeper conversation with you regarding the same. My intention of mentioning to send my child out to classes, as I strongly believe and observe that when he is engaged in positive activities he himself feels very fulfilled n satisfied. It leaves him with certain level of achievement. And when avoiding or neglecting to attend any positive activity he is left with frustation of unable to understand what to do. There are times I add on to my patience level and on high convincing levels he agrees to spend time with his activity based toys and then again feels good. But this happens hardly 20% of the time. Also when going out and he spending time with other kids dealing with various kinds of nature gives him exposure and learning being more emotionally strong. That again gets limited as he spends most of his time at home and needs my presence throughout. I haven't got his ADHD examination done, which I'll surely do with your advice. Also plz help me to understand how can we (me and my husband) help our child to develop better on his self esteem. I would also like to share few of his personality traits which he is carrying on from his childhood days. Ever since he'd been a introvert child. Being in his paly school days he never allowed himself coming into attention of a stranger. may be if it's a photographer clicking pictures when the school activities are going on. He always need a push and known company to do any activity. If going to any class which he can commonly attend with his younger sisters presence he's open to do that. Looking forward to hearing from you again. Thanks

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Harpreet I understand from your message that he is basically introverted. Introvert children recharge themselves in a different way. They prefer to be alone and spend quiet time. It is important we do not impose our ideas. Please do read this All the best and do keep us posted.

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