What activities can we play with 6 month old baby?

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Updated on Mar 21, 2020

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Such a nice phase it is So here you go; 1. Feeling texture Sensory play is a brilliant place to start with babies of this age (or even younger!) You can gather up some different textured pieces of fabric and let your baby feel the difference between smooth cotton or plush velvet. Take old clothes of varying texture and colours. cut big squares of hanky size,from them. Now make a game. Hang them above her cradle or crib at a height where she can grab. Or keep near here and allow her to make a grab. 2. Music in a bottle A small screw-top old plastic drink bottle filled with a few dried beans or dal is all you need to start your own mysic. Make a couple and play together, or encourage your little one to solo shake it. Make sure the bottle is small enough for baby to grip easily and keep that lid screwed on extra tight. You can even roll the bottle around to play. Use different coloured dals or dried lentils along with rice / wheat grains. 3. Tummy time Putting your baby on her tummy each day is really beneficial to her development, and getting down on the ground with them while they strengthen those little muscles is a great way to bond and play. You can move your baby around the room showing them different things, putting them on different blankets or playing with different toys, or simply chat away with her as she gets her tummy on. 4. Play ball! Rolling a ball back and forth from you to your bub is not only lots of fun, but it also develops your child’s hand-eye coordination and teaches her more about how to use her body and nurtures her social skills. Make sure the ball is big colourful and light. 5. Peek-a-Boo Peek-a-Boo is a simple game that has delighted babies and their parents for generations. You can hide your face behind your hands and then reveal yourself, saying “peekaboo!” or you could hide a toy underneath a clean towel or similar and reveal that 6. Move run and jump with baby Babies love movement, so grab your little one and get going. Shoulder rides up and down the stairs or room ,aeroplane rides across the living room, or sit-ups on mum or dad’s lap. The more moves the better as far as babies are concerned 7. Dance time Put on rhymes and songs and dance with your baby 8. Story time Grab a book. Point tour pictures and tell a story. Repeat the story every day till baby gets bored. 9. Keep baby near you when you work and talk to baby. 10. Water play Babies love to play with water. But you have to be next to your baby in spite of how safe it can be. Use plastic utensils like tumbler and plate. Fill them with water. Play and splash about. All the best

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