what activity or game you can play with 9 month old baby girl except watching poems on electronic gadgets ?? plz suggest

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Updated on Aug 02, 2018

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Babies need simple toys and very simple activities. At this age they will like musical toys Stacking toys Kitchen utensils that will make noise like a plates glass and spoons Toys that will move Teethers Kindly avoid tv and gadgets as it will impact their development. They love peekaboo too. Spend as much time talking or singing to your child. It will help in their development. Your child will be crawling is it not. So any kind of push and pull toys will also be interesting. Please do read this blog for some handy inputs. https://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/fostering-early-years-of-development-for-your-child/357 I hope this helps.

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