What are the milestones for 10 months babies and what if baby has not yet achieved those... ?

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Updated on Oct 05, 2017

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Hi Swati Arun, If the baby has not reached the milestones please consult a paediatrician immediately. At this stage most childrne begin to move pretty quickly holding on to furniture. Some try to stand alone or take a step. They will love to experiment with food choices. They will Ike to play with push and pull toys; stacking and sorting toys; some children will love turning pages of story books They will understand you and their surroundings better. They will understand the word No. they will begin more babbling noises. They may show dislike to being with unknown people. Hence you can now Instill appropriate behaviour. You can make them independent while eating as they will Ike eating with their fingers and also drinking on their own. They will love to play peekaboo and explore so child proof your house. Read aloud stories and point out pictures. Hope this helps. I hope this helps.

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