What we can do for child's immunity?

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Updated on Mar 17, 2018

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Include variety of foods in the diet of the child - include foods from the five food groups- healthy whole grains, proteins, fruits and vegetables , fats and dairy. Also focus more on the immunity boosting foods which are green leafy vegetables ,brocolli, mushrooms , vitamin A and C rich foods like amla, citrus fruits, yellow coloured fruits and vegetables etc. Also make sure that the child eats yogurt/curd everyday as helps boosts immunity. Focus more on including rainbow of fruits and vegetables - which means including different colors of fruits and vegetables in a day as different colors have different phytochemical/ antioxidant which helps in building immunity. Also make sure to include spices and condiments like turmeric, cinnamon , garlic. Nuts and seeds like pumpkin seeds are also good as they have zinc necessary for immune function. Also include eggs, chicken, meat as they have protein and iron too...which are again required for healthy immune function.

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