Whats wrong with my baby??? Am i doing somthing wrong? My 8 + month old baby has just started weaning last month. I am still giving him liquids or very meshy food . Baby is not accepting ( choking and vomiting ) lumps or solids yet though i try it now and then. I am giving him rice water, dal ka paani ( normaly thoor , horse gram, green gram, rajma), veg water (spinach, potato, carrot). i normally pressure cook them with a little bit of cumin seeds plus one garlic clove and a pinch of termuric. give the water separately, mash dal and rice with loads of the same water and feed him. He has reduced potty from every 2nd day to 5th or 6th. He cries a lot while passing it out. i cheked his nappy his motion is of the kind that looks smooth from above but i did pressed it to check and it was hard!! .( sorry for the tmi). after passing motion he will become quiet and resume his play. But last night ( 4th day no potty) he cried soo much for may be 45 mins but still no potty. I did massage his tummy with oil as i normally do n give gripe water as normal but still he didnt pass motion. I am very much worried about this as husband too is blaming me now for this as though i am doing sommthing wrong . I give him cooled boiled water as well lots how can he constipate? what wrong am i doing? why is he crying soo much? what changes should i bring in his meals? I still bf him. please guide me. TIA.

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Updated on Nov 06, 2016

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Hi, you should introduce one new food at a time, let the child accept it and gets used to it for few...

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