COVID Prevention & Home Management - Must Knows

May 19, 2021, 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Join this workshop to learn how to keep your child safe from COVID & how to not get it. Also, learn about home management & recovery from Dr. Narmada Ashok.

Dr. Narmada Ashok, Director and Consultant Pediatrician

Dr. Narmada Ashok is a Pediatrician and Director at Nalam medical centre and hospital. She has extensive experience in child's health, growth, development and child's milestones. Dr. Narmada has conducted various health awareness programs for parents.

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| May 15, 2021

Hello mam My cousin is covid positive her baby is 1. 5 and her husband is too positive how can she manage her child as her baby is underweight and takes her feed. Please help. She is very depressed what should I guide her. Thanks mam

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| May 18, 2021

What all precautions should we take for kids to prevent from virus as news is coming that 3rs wave is going to effect kids more. Any special focus on their diet and routine. - Mother of 1. 5 yrs and 8 yrs kid

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| May 19, 2021

Welcome to this Parentune Plus Live. Pls ask your questions in comments below.

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