Learn How To Tackle School Phobia As Your Child Returns To School

Jul 06, 2023, 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Is your child afraid of the idea of going back to school? Are you facing the challenge of school phobia that may hinder your child's academic journey? The fear and anxiety surrounding the return to school can be overwhelming, leaving you and your child feeling uncertain and stressed. It's heartbreaking to witness their worries, and you may find yourself seeking answers to help them overcome their fear and anxiety about returning to school.


If you find yourself nodding in agreement, our live workshop, "How to Tackle School Phobia as Your Child Returns to School," is the perfect answer! This workshop isn't just about your child; it's about you too! Discover techniques that will help you manage your emotions while supporting your little one through this transformative period.


Workshop Highlights:

1. Understanding School Phobia: Get insights into the root causes and triggers of school phobia in children. Learn how to differentiate between common separation anxiety and deeper phobia-related concerns.

2. Building a Supportive Environment: Discover ways to create a nurturing and comforting environment at home that fosters your child's emotional well-being and encourages them to embrace the idea of returning to school.

3. Effective Communication Techniques: Learn how to engage in open and empathetic conversations with your child to understand their fears and worries. Gain communication tools to reassure and motivate them positively.

4. Collaborating with Teachers: Understand the importance of collaborating with your child's teachers and school staff to create a conducive and understanding atmosphere in the school environment.

5. Coping Strategies for Parents: Explore techniques and coping strategies you can implement to manage your child's emotions while supporting them through this transition.

6. Interactive Q&A Session: Seek personalized guidance from our experienced child psychologists and counselors during the interactive Q&A segment.


Who Should Attend?

This workshop is specially designed for parents, guardians, and caregivers who want to understand and address their child's school phobia with empathy and expertise. Whether your child is starting school for the first time or dealing with school-related anxiety, this session will provide you with effective tools to navigate this sensitive period.


Disclaimer: This workshop is for informational purposes only and does not replace professional therapeutic advice. For children experiencing severe phobia or anxiety, it's essential to consult with qualified mental health professionals.

Kumkum Jagadish, Clinical psychologist

Kumkum Jagadish is a Psychologist and Counsellor and specialises in counseling, parenting and life skills development. She has been conducting various sessions on areas like self-awareness, parenting and life skills development to name a few. 


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Hi Doctor

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informative workshop

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| Jul 06, 2023

Superb to watch and lovely information!

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