Transition From Breastfeeding to Complementary Feeding - Know From Our Expert

Jun 19, 2023, 7:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Feeding only breast milk to your infant till 6 months of life is adeqyuate. But after 6 months, breastfeeding alone is no longer enough for the child's optimal growth and development. Hence, it is necessary to start complementary feeding along with breast milk. The word “weaning” is now replaced by complementary feeding—the process of introducing suitable semi-solid food at the right age. There is a critical window of opportunity during the initial 2 years as far as the growth and development of a child are concerned. The concept of "1000 days" is 9 months of pregnancy plus the first 2 years of life, during which optimal breastfeeding (for the first 6 months of age) and timely and appropriate complementary feeding (at 6 months of age) are extremely important.

What is complementary feeding? When to start complementary feeding and why?

Which foods should be used for complementary feeding?

What is dietary diversity and how to take care of it during complementary feeding?

What is the role of feeding in a child's growth and development?

What is the role of commercial foods in complementary feeding?

What is the relationship between nutrition during early childhood and adult diseases?

What are the ethical issues in relation to feeding? Can some foods cause allergies?

What are various myths and misconceptions related to complementary feeding?

Can complementary feeding cause malnutrition? What is the purpose of introducing complementary foods to an infant?

Huda Shaikh, Clinical Nutritionist

Huda Shaikh is a Nutritionist, clinical dietitian, health blogger, motivational speaker, healthy recipe designer and the Founder and Director of Nutribond. She has extensive knowledge about weight loss and has designed many healthy recipes.

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| Jun 30, 2023


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