How to manage anger in your child

Live Chat - How to manage anger in your child?

Dr Swapna Nair

How to manage anger in your child?

Dr. Swapna Nair, Education and Career Counsellor

Apr 21, 2017 | 5 : 00 PM to 6 : 00 PM

Have you ever thought to yourself: Why is my child so angry? Do you know that recurring anger is an indication of other underlying emotions such as insecurity, fear, hurt or any kind of vulnerable feelings? To deal with your child's anger, you must be able to understand the trigger points.

Screaming, throwing things around, lashing out, hitting... Yes! It can be quite alarming to see your child express his/her rage. To deal with it, you not only have to help your child but also help yourself. Do you know that the way you manage your own angry feelings directly impacts on how your little one deals with his/her anger?

You are not alone with an angry child. Get the support you need to deal with the situation.

Start by registering for a Live Chat with Swapna Nair, an award-winning parent-child counsellor.

What you stand to gain?
Expert tips that will help you provide the best "anger management" support to your child such as teaching your child to use "PAUSE" button by breathing in for 4 counts and breathing put to 8 counts... and many such strategies that are sure to come handy.
Learn from fellow parents' queries and the solutions from the Expert.
"Start with yourself": Pick up skills that will help you stay calm.
Find out if your child needs professional help; know the warning signs.
With your help, your child with slowly learn how to deal with the pent-up emotions and manage the moments of rage. So don't miss out, register now and queue up your questions right away. And yes - set a reminder to be with us at the given time and date.

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