What to Do If Frequent Blocked Nose Occur in Your Child

Live Chat - What to Do If Frequent Blocked Nose Occur in Your Child?

Dr Shipra Mathur

What to Do If Frequent Blocked Nose Occur in Your Child?

Dr. Shipra Mathur - Paediatrician

Sep 28, 2017 | 4 : 00 PM to 5 : 00 PM

Did you know that there can be many reasons for a blocked nose? Yes – your child catching a cold or flu due to season change is the most frequent cause for the blocked nose but it’s not the only one! Another common cause for nasal congestion is an allergy triggered by pollen, dust, or even a pet (especially if your child’s nose itches or if s/he has watery or itchy eyes).

Do you know why the nose gets blocked?

While you know by experience “what” causes a blocked nose (infection/cold/flu or an allergy and there could be other serious factors such as polyps in the nose due to an infected sinus or structural abnormalities due to a childhood injury etc.) do you exactly “why” the nose gets blocked?

Here’s why: A blocked nose occurs when the tissues lining the nose become swollen due to the inflamed blood vessels. In younger children, nasal congestion is a more common condition since their nasal passages are very tiny and get blocked easily – making breathing difficult.

Oh yes! A blocked nose can be very discomforting…

It can cause breathing difficulties or noisy/ jerky breathing. Your child will feel tired and lethargic. It can lead to sleep disturbances and you will often notice your child sleeping with his/her mouth open. It can even cause feeding difficulties in toddlers.

So what can you do to ease a blocked nose?

Take a doctor’s opinion. You don’t have to struggle through your child’s sleepless nights or listless days. Know the relief and treatment options – and most importantly, get advice on “what remedy/treatment to try in what situation” – so you can bring effective and prompt relief to your child. If your child has recurrent episodes of blocked nose that are not related to season change/cold/flu, then it’s all the more important to identify other issues and decide on the right course of treatment.

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