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19 weeks and 3 days pregnant

19 weeks and 3 days pregnant

The toes will wriggle and stretch just as much as the hands and fingers. Your baby is extremely flexible at this time and as likely to bring one or both feet up to her mouth as she is her hands in order to explore them with her sensitive mouth and lips.

Are you feeling your baby kicking? She’s letting you know she’s definitely in there – a wonderful pregnancy milestone.

At around this time, you’re likely to feel that awe-inspiring first kick.While your baby has been moving in your uterus since around the sixth week of gestation, it’s only at this stage that she’ll make her movements so definitely felt (although some women do feel movements from around 15 to 16 weeks). When exactly you feel that movement can be affected by your body weight, your baby’s position, the location of the placenta, and whether it’s your first pregnancy.

Experiencing the first sensation of movement, whether it’s a feeling of bubbles, butterflies, flipping goldfish, or even a resounding kick, is likely to be an emotionally charged moment. After all, this is the first time your baby has communicated with you, even though she’s not aware of what she’s doing.

Once you’ve felt your baby move, you may want her to do so again – just to make sure you didn’t imagine it. You may, however, not feel another movement for a few days. A good time to feel the baby moving is when you’re relaxed and resting. Your partner may want to place his hand on your tummy to experience those first thumps himself. It won’t hurt your baby to play with her, so do gently press on your abdomen when she kicks.

Swimming is fantastic exercise during pregnancy, but you may need to invest in new swimwear as your breasts and abdomen grow.

Maternity swimsuits are reinforced with extra fabric to accommodate your bump.

Maternity bikinis are designed with a generous cup size, and the bottoms fit neatly under your bump.


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| Jul 22, 2019

Em 19th week pregnant.... But still I didn't feel baby movements.... Is it OK?

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