27 weeks pregnant Get ready for more action in your belly

You’re in your final trimester now and your baby may be getting quite active. Although he/she is still small enough to move around inside the uterus, get ready for more feet and hands pushing against your belly and bladder. Your baby should now weigh approximately 1.25-1.4 kg.

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Kanchan aniket

| Jun 03, 2017

hi all ...i m in 7th month of pregnancy .... from starting of pregnancy i was having very bad vomits n weakness problem ,just 2 days before i have visited my doc.. i was realising that my baby movements were less so i asked to doc that my baby bump looks small comparing to other 7th month baby bump also told them baby movements r getting low ..they have advised me to count write down movements after every breakfast n lunch ....n prescribed some nutrition powder ...but i m too much worried m eating n taking care of everything wat i can do so that i should not get any complication during last month ..n also if any one can suggest me how i can increase my baby weight ....plzzz help me ....

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