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35 weeks and 7 days pregnant

35 weeks and 7 days pregnant
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You may notice a change in the character of your baby’s movements, reflecting the reduced amount of amniotic fluid and, consequently, space to move around in. Each movement is more likely to be felt, however, as he touches the side of your uterus.

All pregnant women need support in the final weeks, but if you’re single this can be even more important.

Whether you’re single by choice, or have unexpectedly found yourself in this position, you may be experiencing mixed feelings about the weeks to come. There is no doubt that going solo involves extra responsibilities and worries, but with a little help from your close friends and family, you can make these final few weeks of your pregnancy positive.

If you’re concerned about going into labour alone, line up a close friend or family member who is on call at all times. He or she might want to get permission from their place of work to take leave to be with you should you go into labour. Keep yourself busy before your baby arrives, planning plenty of activities during your maternity leave.

Don’t be afraid to ask people for help with shopping for last-minute baby buys or getting your home ready for your new arrival. Most people will be delighted with the honour of being asked to keep you company, and helping you to get things ready.

Most importantly, look after yourself: get organized by preparing meals you can freeze so you have plenty of healthy food in store for the weeks after the birth.

Throwing a baby shower to celebrate the imminent arrival is a great opportunity to get together with the girls. Organize it yourself, or ask your best friend to do the honours. Note to best friend: surprise parties are great, but consider whether the mum-to-be will want to be the centre of attention.

  • A pampering theme:the guests could give each other manicures and pedicures, or you could even hire a beautician for the afternoon.

  • Clubbing together to buy the mum-to-be something useful , such as a car seat, or indulgent, such as a relaxing day out at a spa.

  • Games you could play, such as inviting guests to guess the baby’s sex, weight, and date she’ll be born.

  • Refreshments:Champagne, non-alcoholic drinks, nibbles, and a “birth” day cake.

At your baby shower you’ll probably receive lots of gifts. It’s common for there to be presents for both mum and the newborn.

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| Nov 27, 2019

hi i am 35 weeks pregnant,i feel hard kicks of my baby from week 35.. is it normal?or i would go for an ultrasound?

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| Nov 30, 2019

reply plzzzzz

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