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4 Habit Disorders – How To Overcome!

Dr Himani Khanna
3 to 7 years

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 4 Habit Disorders How To Overcome

As a first-time mom, do you get distressed when you see your baby banging her head or holding her breath or biting nails? How often have you told your baby not to suck the thumb? Our expert Dr Himani Khanna – Developmental Paediatrician, Artemis, Gurgaon, tells you how to overcome the four common habit disorders prevalent in children

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Annushree Gill

| Jun 28, 2017

My one year old baby bangs her head on floor or with hands if we don't give something she demands

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Sunita Choudhary

| Dec 16, 2016

mam meri daughter jo 8years ki he every time woh thumb ko scratch karke uski skin nikal dattti he ki blood pressure ane lag jata he me kya karu plzzz suzzest me

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Neetu Lather

| Dec 07, 2016

my son bites pencils ,erasers, remotes what to do. he cuts piece of pencil ,eraser n throw dem.

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Sajitha Beevi

| Nov 08, 2016

My daughter bites her hand and beat her head to show her anger. donno how to stop it. please tell me how to increase her tolerance level. and I also like to know whether I should take her to a paediatric doctor

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| Oct 31, 2016

mine loves to dig her nose how to get her to stop. latest is chewing her sleeve or collars

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summi singh

| Oct 27, 2016

my daughter has habbit of thumb sucking

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