5 Conditions That Can Be Cured With Pregnancy

Urvashi Shah

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Updated on Aug 01, 2018

5 Conditions That Can Be Cured With Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in a woman’s life, which brings the joy of carrying a tiny life inside her and raising him/her to be an independent individual. Along with joy, it does bring pains, which every mother lives with a smile on her face. Every mother when carrying her child in the womb is often struck with the fear of some problem or issue that might likely affect the health of the fetus inside her. However, there are some conditions that you can get a relief from, during your course of pregnancy, but only for a temporary period of time. Below mentioned are 5 such conditions that can be temporarily cured during pregnancy. If you are suffering from any of these, say cheers to life and to pregnancy as you will be in for some temporary relief.

Conditions that can be cured with Pregnancy

  1. Multiple sclerosis: In this auto immune condition, the immune system attacks its own tissues, making it tough to diagnose, thus, making it a threat to your health. As per studies, women are more prone to suffer from this condition, which can be identified with symptoms such as blurry vision, numbness, tingling in face, arms and legs, dizziness, bladder problems, extreme fatigue, tremors, muscle spasms and so on. Women suffering from multiple sclerosis can rejoice to the good news that their pregnancy can treat this condition. It is also proved that a pregnancy will cause lesser relapses to suffer from. During pregnancy the symptoms of this condition reduces to a great level while for some women it may disappear altogether. This is due to the higher level of hormones during your pregnancy, which create a protective shield to fight this condition. But one must seek medical intervention immediately if this condition pops up after pregnancy.
  2. Rheumatoid arthritis: Rheumatoid arthritis being an auto immune condition attacks the joints, leading to swelling and pain. Majority of women have found relief from this condition during their pregnancy. This is because during pregnancy, the baby’s immune system brings changes in the mother’s immune system as well. Unfortunately, saying goodbye to this condition is only temporary, that is, until the pregnancy lasts. Once you deliver, the symptoms may flare up.
  3. Psoriasis: Diminishing the quality of life for many, psoriasis is a skin condition wherein the skin thickens and forms a texture representing the scales. A number of pregnant women seek temporary relief from this condition during their pregnancy. Pregnancy hormones are to thank for, which lead to an increased estrogen level in the body, causing temporary relief from this chronic skin condition.
  4. Migraines: Migraines are characterized by strong headaches, which most women have sought relief from during their pregnancy period. This is due to the rise in the estrogen levels, which reduce the frequency of the headaches as well as brings down the intensity of the paid. This has led to some doctors use hormone replacement therapy to treat migraines in patients. These hormones mimic pregnancy effects, thus, reducing the pain altogether.
  5. Hair loss: Hair loss is one such condition that women, regardless of their age suffer from all across the globe. Various treatments and hair care regime often fail to give us the expected results. But you must have heard and even noticed how pregnant women have a perfect mane, making them a topic of envy for the rest. But this is true, pregnancy does give a woman strong, shiny and lustrous hair growth. This is due to the presence of increased estrogen, which causes hair fall at the speed of a snail, thus, allowing the hair to be healthy. However, this good news does bring a bad news for pregnant women, who may start noticing rapid hair growth on other parts of the body, thus, making them book parlor appointments frequently. But, pregnant women should be careful about treating this hair growth issue with care and must first consult their doctors prior to indulging in any treatment, since everything and anything a pregnant woman does, it has direct impact on the baby.

If you have any of these conditions, sit back and relax and make the most of your pregnancy as these conditions will spare you on a temporary basis.

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