5 Tips: Child comfort during rains

Neha Gupta Mittal
3 to 7 years

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Updated on Jan 03, 2021

5 Tips Child comfort during rains
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Dry head = healthy child

A wet scalp is the root cause of coughs and colds amongst children and not to forget itching on scalp as well. To avoid this, you should always keep the head dry either by insisting that your child always wear their raincoat hood or use a separate water proof cap or a child’s umbrella. In case, your child accidentally gets caught in a downpour, tehn ensure he or she has a bath immediately and then blow dry the hair to avoid any itching. 

Say NO to street food

Indian cities are renowned for their street foods. .Although all of us – especially the children - like to indulge in street food at times, you must try to avoid it during the rainy season. The reasons are obvious – the hygiene standards of these foods and how they are prepared and stocked are quite low, making it a high risk for stomach problems during the monsoon. Comfort during rains is the prime concern of any mom and in that regard it is suggested to avoid the street food. If you can prepare the same food at home then nothing like it. 

Let’s go to the mall!

Malls are clean and maintain a controlled temperature, so they can be the preferred choice for weekend outings. Open spaces and exposure to the weather is alright for older children, but when we talk about the little ones, infection prone areas should be avoided. The controlled temperatures in malls also make for a comfortable experiece for a child as s/he gets to come out of home yet not face the humidity in the weather or even heat post rains. 

Clean hands and feet

Using a hand sanitizer before your child eats and developing a habit where the moment the child is back home, s/hewashes their hands and feet with soap are very important. The source of quite a few infections lies in the hands and feet.Rain boots are also a great way to keep your little ones feet protected, clean and dry.

A dry home = a happy home

Wet floors indoors can attract diseases and fungus. Houses also tend to get moldy during the monsoon. Using a good quality disinfectant for cleaning the floor is a good option. Ensuring your home is dry also protects your child from slipping and hurting himself/herself.

Did you find Neha’stips on keeping children comfortable during monsoon useful? How do you keep your little ones safe and dry during the monsoon? Do share your experiences and learnings with us in the comments section below. We love hearing from you!

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