5 Tips to make your home toddler-friendly

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5 Tips to make your home toddler friendly
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So your baby has reached another milestone and is either ready to crawl or walk with some support. You are quite happy with the development and are proud as well. But wait a moment! Do ask yourself this: Is my home ready for this new development? Are there any potential hidden dangers that I need to take care of? If you haven’t thought about it or if you are not sure, the below pointers will come handy...


Keep the floors clean: As your child begins to crawl or walk, it is time to be extra careful about hygiene. You cannot avoid germs totally but do what you can. Invest in a good sanitiser to clean the floors – look out for organic options as well. Your little one will either be on her fours or bare feet, so there should be nothing on the floor which can prick her. Your child’s skin is far more sensitive than yours. Also babies and toddlers have a habit – whatever they are curious about, they will immediately take it to their mouth. Sweeping the floor more often and proper dusting can take care of any unwanted things on the floor and other places.


No extra thing on the shelves: De-cluttering is a great idea. Empty the lower shelves, drawers etc. Stack away all the cosmetics from your dressing table and decorative items from your showcase, plus anything which can reach your toddler’s hands or fingers. Keep each and every nook and corner of your home well-dusted and ventilated. Put away your breakables so that they don't get broken and the child does not get hurt.


Stack away all the meds: Medicines are another potential danger for your little one. Like I said, your child is curious by nature and she explores her surroundings by tasting things. Yes! Tasting! So unattended medicines lying around may prove to be fatal. Maybe s/he is not able to open the medicine bottle or the strip at first but it will not take much time for him/her to figure that out. Play safe.


No sharp edges: If you have furniture that has sharp corners, then either stack it away for a while or get that stack it away where your little one is not able to reach it. Sharp corners are responsible for serious injuries in young children. So it is better to stack it away and give your child lot of open space for her to roam freely. If you have any doubt whether an object is stable enough, just go ahead and anchor it to the wall. Glass tables are another hidden danger.

A big watch out:  We're all surrounded by cords and cables in this digital age. Imagine your little one trying to walk in an area with lots of cables. So do secure all the cords – make sure they do not come in your toddler’s way.

These are few of the things you can do to ensure that your home is child-friendly and offers a safe zone for him/her to try put the new skill. Do you have any more ideas? Is there anything specific you did or are doing to make your home safer for your child? Please do share with fellow parents by writing in the comments section below.

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| Apr 07, 2017

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| Apr 06, 2017

Keep all hot liquids like hot water ,hot tea etc out of reach of children... recently my son pulled a hot tea mug even though it was kept in a not reachable height for him and his finger got burnt...

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| Apr 06, 2017


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| Feb 28, 2017

1. homes with free flow of air should be secured with door bars so that doors don't bang when air flows in with force. 2. before starting your day pull up the upper latch of doors so that even if the child is alone inside the bedroom or playroom they do not açcidentally lock themselves up inside.

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| Feb 21, 2017

Nice informative article.. i would like to add about scissors, safety pins, ear buds.. please put them far away/out of the child's vision!

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| Feb 16, 2017

Do not allow your child to enter the kitchen area where you can put reliable partition where child can stand and look at you when you are in the kitchen. Also avoid keeping hot drinks like tea near the child hands. Also keep front door & bathrooms doors always closed. Do not leave anything small things on the floor which chid will put in her mouth.

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| Feb 07, 2017

tubs or buckets should be emptied with out water or close the washroom doors. takes care of the child if u are in upstairs

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| Feb 06, 2017

In kitchen most of the things may cause injury like knife/ or any other sharp tool.. Keep such things out of reach to child..

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| Feb 05, 2017

very use full tips

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