5 Ways to support your child in a career choice!

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5 Ways to support your child in a career choice

As soon as the child enters her 9th grade, the pressure starts mounting on her to study well so that she can get into a college of her choice and finally choose a career of her liking. Choosing a right career can be confusing for both the child and the parents. Our proparent Dhaval Shah here 5 ways where you can support your child in choosing a right career for her!

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Arun Murugappan

| Jul 22, 2017

my son thirteen year old says he wants to become a scientist,. it's very hard for him to get in financially, academically, how to convince him . that feild is not suitable for him in all aspects Whats the use in travelling in a wrong path. if his interest is really that I won't force him

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Pranshu Arora

| May 13, 2017

I think we should monitor the interest of child, by watching his activities, interest and develop his skills according to his interest and choose his carrier accordingly. Also we should set a carrier goal in earlier stages of life and should tell the importance of it so that our children can walk on that path.

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| Nov 30, 2016

thanks nice I will follow ur guides

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