7 Tips to keep your child safe online!

Sonal Pawar Kadam
11 to 16 years

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7 Tips to keep your child safe online

As our children become tech-savvy, we as parents need to be more vigilant to keep them safe and secure online, without portraying ourselves as overbearing and overprotective. The blog on cyber safety tips answers all our concerns and queries.

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Story ThirtyOne

| Oct 17, 2016

Another very important point is to look for approved kids app. Mostly these are apps that adhere to internationally approved rules such as COPPA etc.. which ensures that not just the content but also the ads that appear on the website or app is children friendly. Here is a link to an article we wrote where there are some additional points to run through.

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Satya Purohit

| Jun 28, 2016

I strongly recommend using OPENDNS, a free service by Cisco. you can safe guard gadgets and computer, better still router. so all gadgets using wifi i home will be protected. it will filter all adult content also malware

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Swati Nitin Gupta

| Feb 20, 2016

Interesting blog on how to keep our children safe online. An important topic for parents of all groups these days, as children these days become tech savvy, from quite a young age.

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