8 Super ideas to spend productive time with your child

Neha Gupta Mittal
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Updated on Jun 21, 2020

8 Super ideas to spend productive time with your child
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During the summer holidays children want to have fun and relax! But a child’s mind is like soft clay, you can give it whatever form you desire, and summer is the best time to work on them, because otherwise the 6-8 hour school regime leaves them drained.

Let them have fun, but here’s what you should definitely teach them along the way, this summer:

  1. Independence: Encourage them to think and do things independently. Day-to-day chores like getting ready for school, helping you pack tiffin, folding their own clothes, cleaning and polishing their shoes and more should be done by the child. Initially, assist the child; gradually they will start managing independently. Why summer vacations?Well, because you can give them that extra time to finish a task.
  2. Valuing things: Children own many things, like accessories, gadgets, fancy stationery, shoes, booksetc. Ask him to pick out what he’d like to donate, and take him to an orphanage. Make sure he observes how those children live, and talk about “empathy” on the way home.
  3. Earning play time: ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’goes the famous adage. The updated version is ‘All play and no work also makes Jack a dull boy.’ With the entire day in hand, you can help your child revise a little from the old syllabus and study a little from the coming syllabus. This way you can teach him to earn play time, and help him stay in touch with academics.
  4. Reading and exercising: Reading is the best gift you can giveyour child this summer. In this age of social media and excessive exposure, make sure your child is putting that iPad down, and picking that book up. And once they’re done reading, put that energy to fruitful use— make sure your child is spending time jogging, stretching, cycling or walking. Exercising leads to better physical development; plus, your child will sleep better.
  5. Greeting and conversing: It is very important that you teach your child social etiquette, like greeting others warmly and making clear conversation, rather than pulling funny faces and mumbling.
  6. Money matters: The school syllabus for an 8 year old has maths that helps them add, subtract, multiply and divide. Make your child do calculations while paying at tolls, in a mall, in a restaurant, in a shop, for an auto or cab — there are numerous instances when you can teach your child aboutmoney. Try and take your child on as many market or mall trips as possible and let him/her pay and get change. Practical illustrations work far better than verbal instructions.
  7. Yoga: If started early, yoga can work wonders. The poise and patience earned from yoga would be worth your time and effort alone. No child gets up early in vacations so you can decide on a kid-friendly time slot to work on this.
  8. Eating mindfully: Yes, this needs to be on the charts. I see parents todaystruggling to keep their child’s diet healthy,and summer vacation is like a licensed period to eat all that you shouldn’t. Sugary foods can be balanced with fruits and dry fruits, burgers and pizzas can be balanced with chapatis and dal, mocktails and frappes can be balanced with buttermilk and soup—but this balance ought to be taught. If you educate your child, your future will be simplified so that, as they grow up, they take care of themselves.

At 8 years old it is crucial to develop positive habits and virtues, and there are many factors that you need to accord importance to. What are you teaching your children this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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| May 04, 2017

very useful post thanks

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| May 04, 2017

thnku Sakshi.... do share ur insights here....

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| May 10, 2017

thanks for sharing this.... it is really helpful

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