8 Tips to raise an introvert child

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8 Tips to raise an introvert child

Is your child an introvert? Do you worry that they too shy or seem out of place with their peers or other family members? Well – you really don’t need to worry! Introverts are a personality type, just as extroverts are, and all we need to bring them up successfully is a little understanding and total acceptance of who they are. Our Proparent blogger Sugandha Tiwari shares 7 insightful tips on helping you raise your introvert child.

  1. How can you give your introvert child the time and space they need to help them cope? Read further and find out
  2. Our children look to us for understanding, acceptance and respect for who they are, and it is our duty to provide this to them. So how can you make your introvert child feel understood and accepted?
  3. Understand that introverts handle social situations differently – so how can you help them socialise successfully – never put them in the spotlight, teach them gentle ways of responding to others, always allow them time to speak for themselves instead of answering questions for them, and more
  4. Keep life simple and easy for your introvert child– they will learn, open up and do things gradually in their own time and space
  5. Forcing them to do anything will only make them retreat further
  6. Read on for more on how to understand and accept your introvert child and raise them with love and respect

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Shikha Batra

| Sep 16, 2017

amazing write up , thanks for sharIng such an informative blog. some children are pushed to perform or show off their talent in front of guests irrespective of their will. if they do not perform , they are coaxed and reprimanded once the guests leave , for not doing as directed. I believe children should have the right to choose when and where to showcase their talent and it should be respected. parents should spend quality time with their child to understand them better and accept them for who they r and let them be.

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| Sep 06, 2017

really useful info!

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Kiran Negi

| Sep 02, 2017

Useful information..

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