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Is almond oil good for stretch marks during and after pregnancy?

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Is almond oil good for stretch marks during and after pregnancy

If being mother is the most wonderful emotion in a woman’s life, then pregnancy is a phase which facilitates the same. In the course of pregnancy, her body faces many physical and hormonal chances. She witness transform in her body sizes to the unpredictable mood swings. The changes are not confined to pre birth or pregnancy only; the stretch marks are prone to affect your body even after the delivery. Before and after giving birth to the little one, female body is undergoing loads of tempering. Over abundance of the hormones lead to stretching, pulling and tearing of skin causing Stretch marks.

What are Stretch Marks?

It is a modification in the skin due to distortion in collagen and elastin fibres. It is a kind of cosmetic skin defect majorly on the portions of the body which have more tendencies to deposit fats. That is the reason stretch marks are often seen over pregnant woman’s hips, breast, belly, thighs and back.

  1. Research says 85-90% stretch marks appear during pregnancy or lactation
  2. The stretch marks break skin fibre and blood vessels, leading to modified skin colour
  3. They have genetic links. That means if your mother got it, then you will also have the marks in tenure of pregnancy

What Are The Causes of Stretch Marks?

There are numerous causes of stretch marks. Few of the prominent ones are listed below.

  1. Expanding belly to accommodate growing baby during pregnancy
  2. Significant change in body weight during pregnancy causes skin to stretch thus producing stretch marks during pregnancy
  3. Increased level of hormones like progesterone cause depression in protein levels in body, thus pigmenting skin when a mother carries baby
  4. Over pulling or stretching of skin leads to tearing of dermis, developing stretch marks more so during pregnancy
  5. The accumulation of fat under dermis develops reddish purple pigments; stretch marks, which fades in the course of time

What Are The Benefits Of Almond Oil In Pregnancy?

Almond oil is one of the most effective natural remedy in controlling stretch marks. The results are very prominent in women who were regular in applying almond oil for pigmented skin during pregnancy.

Sometimes the chemical lotions or creams available in market may induce allergy and cause rashes in pregnant woman. In such scenarios, applying natural remedies for stretch marks is much suggested. This is why almond oil is most simple and natural cure for marks.

Is It Safe To Use Almond Oil During Pregnancy?

Yes it is safe to use almond oil during pregnancy. There are loads of cosmetics available to treat the marks in market but their chemical nature make them unsuitable to be used in pregnancy. They are unnatural so could be harsh on skin during the sensitive time of nursing. So to avoid unwanted allergic symptoms, it is suggested to switch to natural oils like almond oil.

What Is The Difference Between Sweet Almond Oil And Natural Almond Oil?

There are two species of almond tree that gives both bitter and sweet almond oils. Both the oils have different physical and chemical properties. They have distinct feature and usages also. They vary on their skin application too.

  1. While Sweet almond oil comes from the edible almonds that are exclusively cultivated for their sweet taste, the bitter almond oil comes from another species of almond tree and is bitter in taste
  2. Sweet almond oil is a fixed oil, while bitter almond oil is known as essential oil
  3. Sweet almond oil is used in massages and directly applied on skin, while bitter oil is used for scents and aromas mainly in food and products
  4. Sweet almond oil is an excellent lubricant and beneficial for skin, while bitter almond oil is used for smell in soaps, lip balms or bars
  5. Sweet almond oil is much preferred in direct skin moisturising purposes, while the bitter almond oil is generally avoided for massages during pregnancy

How Almond Oil Works On Skin?

  1. It is rich in Vitamin E, mono saturated fatty acids, proteins, Zinc and potassium, so it has good healing capacity for the damaged skin fibre
  2. Almond oil helps in improving the skin tone, thus fade away the stretch marks
  3. It increases the supply of nutrients to skin and make it flexible
  4. It supports the collagen fibre and improves the skin
  5. Almond oil improves the skin structure binding the collagen and elastin fibre
  6. It has anti inflammatory and regenerative properties
  7. Being rich source of vitamins F, E, A and B2, almond oil act as anti ageing oil
  8. When used in combination of essential oils like lavender, olive etc, it gains anti stretching properties

almond oil for stretch marks

How To Use Almond Oil For Stretch Marks?

Since almond oil is highly emollient and is easily absorbed by our skin, you can also use it as a moisturiser and apply it on the areas where there are stretch marks. Vitamin E is known for its skin repairing properties hence, sweet almond oil when applied on the stretch marks can help lighten them and even reduce them. In fact according to the experts if you use the combination of sweet and bitter almond oils and massage your body with it, it can also helps in reducing the development of stretch marks during pregnancy.

Few important recipes of homemade almond oil lotions are mentioned below for better understanding.

Homemade Recipes Of Almond Oil Lotions

Below mentioned are DIY almond oil lotions and procedure to make them.

  1. Take geranium oil and orange juice in equal proportions. Add five times the quantity of almond oil into it. Applying this especially on chest, helps reduce changed colour. You can repeat it once a week
  2. Rosemary oil with almond oil. Mix 1/10 of rosemary oil with almond oil to form an oily lotion. Mix it with any of your suited skin moisturiser. Use it several times in a week
  3. Almond oil with Vitamin E capsule extract to be mixed with essential oil. Add mint for refreshment and mix grapefruit. This mixture to be applied on marks will bring prominent change
  4. Lavender oil when mixed with five times the quantity of almond oil makes a miracle lotion which is beneficial in first trimester of pregnancy
  5. Carrot lotion is also helpful in stretch mark reduction. Grated carrot to be dipped in cold water and then extract the juice. This juice is mixed with almond oil to a desired consistency. This lotion is to apply once a week

Almond Oil Scrubs And Their Application

Before starting with any natural remedy it is always advisable to scrub off the dead skin so that the effect penetrates deep into the skin. Almond oil can be mixed with other components for beneficiary almond oil scrubs.

  1. Almond oil and yogurt, when mixed with zest of lemon, is a very impactful scrub. Lemon is known for its lightening properties. Thus this scrub works well on marks. Apply it twice a week for good results
  2. Mango butter and Shea are important ingredients when mixed with almond oil and used in water bath. It helps a lot to lighten the marks during and after pregnancy. Add few drops of olive oil as an magic component
  3. Sesame oil and almond oil mixture is also an wonderful scrub base for diminishing stretch marks. Apply it before bed time for quick results. It has to be applied for a month seeking good results
  4. Sugar and lemon juice base when mixed with almond oil is well acquainted scrub for stretch marks. The well known anti tan properties of lime will be reducing marks soon.
    • There are many Old wives’ tales about completely erasing stretch marks, but truth is, one cannot wean self from this effect. Though, the proper care and prevention can minimise their visibility. So care from the very beginning is vital
    • Proper nutrition for optimal weight metabolism is very essential. So that the fluctuations in body size is less
    • Special lotion bands for body after and before bath, help minimising marks
    • Keep self massaging oil when ever it's possible for you. It increases the chance for body fibre to heal
    • Whatever you choose as remedy, be regular with it. Irregularities bring slow remedial effects
    • Be patient, as major improvements don’t happen overnight. Devote some time for positive outcomes
    • Keep in regular touch with your medical advisor to avoid any allergic reactions

Hope this information on almond oil will help you treat your stretch marks in a better way. Did you like the post on almond oil being good for stretch marks or not? Please do share your views and experience on the same in the comments section below.

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| Oct 17, 2017

Aliya you can use them in mixture with vitamin E.

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| Oct 16, 2017

what about olive oil?

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| Oct 16, 2017

km kk in kmim k

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| Oct 15, 2017

Yes Sarojini Parida .... almond oil is multipurpose oil. It is always beneficial for skin.

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| Oct 15, 2017

Can I use almond oil for my stretch marks now ?

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| Oct 14, 2017

Thanks for sharing the benefits of almond oil during pregnancy Cheena M Gujral ji.

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| Oct 14, 2017

Nyc tips Cheena M Gujral . Will try for sure as I also have stretch marks.

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| Oct 14, 2017

useful and handy tips. would recommend all ladies in my circle who are concerned about stretch marks after delivery to go through this blog . thanks for sharing Cheena M Gujral !

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