Are you a Breastfeeding Mother? Here Are 6 Facts For You!

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Are you a Breastfeeding Mother Here Are 6 Facts For You

The process of birthing a child is truly an extraordinary feeling. Although, there are many stages in the process of pregnancy and childbirth where a woman has to undergo a lot of physical changes. During pregnancy, the child derives essential nutrients from mother and after birth through breast milk. One of the important nutrients which are utilized during this phase is calcium. Therefore, the importance of taking calcium after childbirth cannot be overlooked by mothers.

Below we have discussed the facts on why calcium is an important nutrient during breastfeeding.

6 Facts That You May Not Know!

1. Increased Requirement of Calcium

Most pregnant and breastfeeding women in India have low dietary calcium intake.Data from 10 Indian States shows that intake of calcium for women during pregnancy and lactation is only 400 mg whereas they need 1200 mg calcium per day.

2 The Calcium Requirement of the Baby

The baby requires 200-300 mg of calcium daily from breastmilk for the first six months. This calcium is important for helping the baby develop strong bones and teeth. The teeth and bones comprise of the 99% of body’s calcium.

3. Postpartum Loss of Calcium is Higher

 Loss of calcium is four times higher during the nine months of lactation than during pregnancy. This loss in bone mineral density can be prevented with the intake of calcium.

4. Calcium is Lost on Daily Basis

As exclusive breastfeeding is a must for babies, a lot of calcium is lost from a mother’s body on daily basis. A lactating woman can lose 200-300 mg a day during breastfeeding.

5. Adequate Calcium Intake is a Must

Adequate intake of calcium by the breastfeeding mother is important for calcium-rich breastmilk and for prevention of osteoporosis which is a medical conditioncaused due to calcium deficiency.

6. Loss of Bone Mass

A mother’s body has to work overtime for meeting the breastfeeding requirements. Breastfeeding also affects a mother’s bones. Studies have shown that women often lose3% to 5% of their bone mass during six months of breastfeeding to meet the baby’s growing need for calcium.

Disclaimer: Information appearing in this material is for general awareness. Please consult your physician for further information/advice.

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| Oct 03, 2018

hello meri beti abi 22 din ki h nd i want to know that is it necessary to wear bra ??

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| Sep 13, 2017

This very informative blog. I am breastfeeding for last 10 months and had stopped taking calcium pills just because of laziness. I will start the course again after reading this blog.

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