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Are You A Breastfeeding Mother? Here Are 6 Facts For You!

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Are You A Breastfeeding Mother Here Are 6 Facts For You

The process of giving birth to a child is truly an extraordinary feeling. Although, there are many stages in the process of pregnancy and childbirth where a woman has to undergo a lot of physical changes. During pregnancy, the child derives essential nutrients from the mother and after birth through her breast milk. One of the most important nutrients which is utilized during this phase is calcium. Therefore, the importance of calcium intake after childbirth cannot be overlooked by mothers.

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Nirali Khatri

| Oct 18, 2017

Good to know fact

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Meenakshi Pandey Amola

| Oct 13, 2017

5Źm 89kĺ

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| Oct 07, 2017

thankuuu so much guys... its very useful..

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Shikha Batra

| Oct 06, 2017

very useful and an educative blog.. many thanks for sharing it.

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