Aspirin In Pregnancy: When To Take And When To Avoid It

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Aspirin In Pregnancy When To Take And When To Avoid It
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Women undergo extensive sufferings while expecting a baby, they are vulnerable like never before. Thus, pregnancy calls for taking care of your health more heedfully and one should be more watchful of the medications they take, so as to avoid unfavourable circumstances and to have healthy offspring.

Aspirin in Pregnancy

Aspirin is the one stop solution to get rid of headache and nausea. But, one should be extremely cautious before using aspirin while Pregnant; as it is not out of harm’s way. In order to cure heart attack and chest pain, it is used to make the blood thinner.

Aspirin pros and cons in Pregnancy

  • Aspirin helps to recover from fever, inflammation, and ache.
  • If you are suffering from diabetes, problems with kidney, and pregnancy induced hypertension it is advisable to use aspirin in order to eliminate obstacles during delivery.
  • Some women experience an immune system issue known as Hughes syndrome, which results in blood clots. Aspirin finds immense benefits in treating the same.
  • Women with high blood pressure possibly have more chances to evolve pre-eclampsia, which in turn leads to dysfunction of the placenta. Aspirin aids to wipe out this complication.

Side effects of taking Aspirin during pregnancy

  • In taking aspirin frequently can lead to increased chances of miscarriage.
  • Consuming aspirin during pregnancy increases the chances of hampering your baby’s growth.
  • Taking aspirin when Pregnant can contribute to develop heart and lung disorders after the birth of your toddler. Furthermore, it enhances the possibility to obstruct labour.
  • Birth defects in baby are observed due to excessive intake of Aspirin.
  • Extended bleeding is likely to occur in the mother as well as her younger one.

Aspirin is not considered to be safe during pregnancy. Although, taking little amount of aspirin infrequently during the pregnancy can cause no harm to you as well as your unborn. If taken regularly in high dosage; it possibly has hazardous repercussions for your little one. However, in some cases the physician prescribes aspirin to recover from complexity. For treating fever you can always consider Paracetamol as a safe and secure alternative. Your doctor can provide you with the best pain relievers which are safe for the health of your baby and you.

Therefore, it is always imperative to undergo such medication only by seeking the guidance and prescription of a medical expert. Always acknowledge the suggestion of your health expert before using these drugs.  

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