At the heart of it

Shikha Batra
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Created by Shikha Batra
Updated on Feb 24, 2016

At the heart of it

An interesting conversation between a mother and daughter, when the daughter realised that there were guests coming over. 
Parentoon is a light-hearted expression of day-to-day situations faced by parents. It is a comical rendition of these situations--sometimes funny, sometimes ironic, and sometimes innocently silly—narrated by the parents themselves.

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| Apr 15, 2016

Innocent babies... Cutesy framed

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| Mar 04, 2016

Roughly 2 years back when my only girl child who is 7 years old and desperately wants a sibling to play asked me when I get a sister or brother. keeping insight of her age I told you will get soon pray God for what u want. One day to my surprise she was saying Mom you eat whatever the stuff u have at home good or bad,then u will get vomits ,can go to doctor,then doctor says u r pregnant and I can get my brother or sister. its her filmy knowledge .

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| Feb 27, 2016

So cute

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| Feb 24, 2016

So cute this is!

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