At the heart of it

Shikha Batra
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Updated on Feb 24, 2016

At the heart of it

An interesting conversation between a mother and daughter, when the daughter realised that there were guests coming over. 
Parentoon is a light-hearted expression of day-to-day situations faced by parents. It is a comical rendition of these situations--sometimes funny, sometimes ironic, and sometimes innocently silly—narrated by the parents themselves.

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| Jul 26, 2019

My son and I were watching the English movie. At the end of the film came closing credits. All of the cast and crew details Went up. My son went to the backside of the TV. Alternately saw the front and back of the TV. Then he smiled an innocent smile at me. He started saying there is going there. Again went to the back of the tv and said... Missing it ... Mom !! He searched for it. My son's act was a comedy. What knowledge and joy I felt. what an innocent and child's are intelligent too.

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| Apr 15, 2016

Innocent babies... Cutesy framed

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| Mar 04, 2016

Roughly 2 years back when my only girl child who is 7 years old and desperately wants a sibling to play asked me when I get a sister or brother. keeping insight of her age I told you will get soon pray God for what u want. One day to my surprise she was saying Mom you eat whatever the stuff u have at home good or bad,then u will get vomits ,can go to doctor,then doctor says u r pregnant and I can get my brother or sister. its her filmy knowledge .

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| Feb 27, 2016

So cute

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| Feb 24, 2016

So cute this is!

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