Here are 12 beautiful ways a baby strengthens a marriage

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Here are 12 beautiful ways a baby strengthens a marriage
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In an interview to WebMed, a couple who had triplets, explain their experience of how having children affects the relationship between the spouses. The husband says, "With the arrival of a first child, everything good in a marriage gets better, everything bad gets worse. A couple that has good intimacy will find a lot more to share, more experiences to get excited about together. A couple that has a lot of distance will find that a child becomes a wedge." This sentence brings to the fore an interesting debate on whether or not relationship between the spouses suffer post the birth of a baby.

Does A Baby Affect The Marital Relationship?

Many psychologists agree that having a baby does affect the relationship between the spouses, but whether it turns healthier or uglier depends on the spouses themselves. How? A new baby brings in joy and lots of cuddle moments but it also comes with its share of fatigue, dirty diapers, mood swings, routine change for both the parents. All this put together might most certainly wreak havoc. But in the middle of all the chaos, the only way to ensure peace is to discuss this before planning to have a baby. If the decision to have a baby is a joint one, the involvement is also from both ends and therefore, even in the storm, the boat sails smooth. Let's take a look at 12 positive ways in which having a baby can strengthen your relationship making it stronger than before.

12 Ways A Baby Actually Strengthens A Marriage

baby strengthens marriage

  • Uncomfortable Moments are Over Sooner than Before: It is necessary to understand that every relationship goes through rough patches at times. With the baby comes stress, tiredness and change in everything that you did ever before, new responsibilities and above all, less sleep. Sometimes, when the stress builds up, you tend to yell at each other. But then, when you think over and see why all of this happened and see the cute toothless grin, the supposedly uncomfortable moments simply vanish!
  • Time Spent With Each Other Rekindles the Magic: Once the routine sets in and you sneak out some time for each other, either by going for a date or even a quiet drive, you realize that everything is not lost after all
  • An Active Sexual Life: Once the baby arrives, the first few months may be tiresome, but most couples resume active sex life within 4 months. That's enough to keep the flame alive
  • Constant Communication: Whether it is making plans or sharing the baby's activities for the day, new parents tend to talk to each other a lot. Of course, most of the talk is about the baby, yet constant communication can ensure that you are sharing more than before and that's definitely a good sign
  • You Learn To Value Your "Alone" Time: Until the baby comes, a mother never understands or values the time she can be alone. But once the baby comes and overwhelms her, every minute that she gets to be alone, whether it is going out for shopping or catching up with friends or simply sitting and reading a book while the baby is out playing in the park with daddy, is simply priceless
  • It's a "We Decision": Because having this child was a mutual decision, things tend to go smoothly. Both of you realize that you are equally responsible for the baby's arrival and there is no reason to blame the other. Hence, both are in the same page and work towards understanding and helping each other

While many argue that the arrival of the baby is detrimental to marital life, this may not be always true. The beginning to the road to parenthood is definit ely rocky, but if you plan well, support each other and be patient, you will notice how it actually helps your relationship bloom all over again. And all the difficult moments are definitely worth in the end—most parents agree and vouch for it. So, take the plunge and nurture your relationship!

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| Nov 07, 2017

Really such a beautiful article

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| Nov 01, 2017

can any one plz share a foodchart of a 6 months old baby girl

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| Oct 23, 2017

what diet to give in motions for 10 months baby

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| Oct 23, 2017

very nice blog.... it is really true

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| Oct 23, 2017

Hi my baby 7 month old vo sota hi nahi.. bar bar jag jata hai . weight bhi gain nahi hota hai 7. 600 uaka weight hai.

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| Oct 21, 2017

beautifully written. thank you for this write up Janaki Srinivasan .

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