Baby wearing: Indian celebs, catch up!

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Updated on Jul 01, 2017

Baby wearing Indian celebs catch up
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Be it Aishwarya Rai Bachchan or the latest celeb mom on the block, Kareena Kapoor Khan, they have all been clicked holding their bundle of joy – literally as a bundle (of joy and pride)! Now move on to Hollywood mommies and you will come across endless pictures of “baby wearing” moms, be it Julia Roberts or even Padma Laxmi with her baby Krishna. I wonder why this stark difference between Hollywood and Bollywood moms’ baby wearing? Does Indian motherhood (even for the celebs) is best represented with the baby being held in the arms? Does putting a child on a trendy sling defy the perfect picture of the quintessential Indian ‘Maa’? Does the sling give a picture of a “casual mom”?


Even the very sassy and sizzling Malaika Arora Khan always posed with her arms around the baby. Just wondering if pictures of Beyonce’s eye-catching sling with baby Blue tucked close to her could be an inspiration for our Indian celeb moms? The all-furry grey sling not only compliments her smoky grey cardigan but also looks more like a stole than a baby-wearing accessory. When it comes to showing the bump, Konkona Sen Sharma, Shveta Salve and Kareena Kapoor have rocked the baby bump and could put Hollywood to shame, so why not amp the glam quotient with trendy slings?


So here’s a question for you: Should our Indian celebs get a mommy stylist to play around with new mommy fashion tools – of which the sling is surely topping the list? What do you think? Let’s talk it out mommies! We would love to know what you think. Share your comments below… 

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| Jul 08, 2017

should the garlic be peeled to make potali?

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| Jul 04, 2017

The best thing about baby wearing is that your baby stays extremely close to you, is safe and comfortable. Also you are free to do your regular work. I remember I had a ligament pull in my left hand and hence I started 'baby wearing' and I realised how convenient and safe it was and certainly not casual. You need to chose the right sling for your baby and you.

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| Jul 01, 2017

baby carriers or slings are there in Indian culture from ages but the only difference i feel is that sling includes in Indian wear weather it is a saree or a dress wrapped around the body to hold the baby. Now it becomes out from daily wear to seperate accessory. Even when it comes to baby bumps it became as normal as that , coz women are coming out from homes, and living as simple is that technology has emerged to an extent that 240 grams pre - term baby can be saved.

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| Jul 01, 2017

I am an Indian mom. i feel uncomfortable holding my baby in my arms for long period. i always prefer carrying him in a baby carrier( sling) even if i am at home doing household work while my baby is awake i prefer carrying n doing chores in a carrier! i think it's about own comfort n baby's safety!

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| Jul 01, 2017

I think Indian moms specially the working moms (of course celeb moms are also working moms) feel that they will bond better with their child if they hold the baby in their arms rather than wear them on slings. Maybe I am wrong but this is my opinion. Though I have seen many labourers wearing their baby in slings and working on the construction sites.

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| Jul 01, 2017

Indian moms -- whether celebs or no celebs are always under the scrutiny of their elders (read mom-in-laws) so while they are coming out to showcase their baby bump, they are still to come out of that mentality of being a casual mom I think...

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