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How to Celebrate Your Baby's First Diwali? 5 Precautions You Care About

Dr Reetika Inderjeet Juneja
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Created by Dr Reetika Inderjeet Juneja
Updated on Oct 27, 2019

How to Celebrate Your Babys First Diwali 5 Precautions You Care About
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If you have a little baby in the house and it is his first Diwali then as a parent you must keep a few things in mind. It is quite natural to get busy with so many festive preparations happening all around you. Of course, the infant also feels happy and excited about so many activities but at the same, it is for you to see and manage that he is safe and happy amidst celebrations. This article brings to you a few important points which are essential for parents to know so that their baby enjoys Diwali with great excitement and happiness. Find out what these key points are.

So, this will be your baby's first Diwali and you are excited? But do you know that you need to take certain precautions to ensure that your baby has a safe, sound and happy Diwali? Our pro- parent blogger Dr. Reetika shares some insightful tips to ensure that your baby enjoys the Diwali celebrations without any glitches. 

Tips For A Happier First Diwali For Your Baby

Here are some general tips which must be kept in mind with the parents so that their infant enjoys the festival without any discomfort. Find out what these points are:

  1. Don't Compromise on Baby's Routine: Mothers must make sure that the festive preparations don't interfere with their baby's routine. You must feed them on time and make them sleep whenever they are tired. This will keep them happy and charged with energy. Find a safe and sound place for the infant, where he can relax and sleep away from all the noises and disturbances
  2. Comfortable Clothing: Go for comfortable baby clothing so that your child doesn't feel irritated and annoyed. Dress him in soft fabrics and don't go for anything gaudy and complicated. Simple traditional clothing without much work is the best dress for your little one. Make sure it doesn't have any embellishments as they pose a risk of choking
  3. Be Cautious About Baby's Food: During the festival, chances are that your baby might end up eating food which is not right for him. Make sure you feed him from time to time and keep all the other food out of his reach. Also, make sure that you have conveyed the same message to your family members. Even if your baby is eating solid food avoid feeding him or her too many sweets or any other food that may cause him or her more harm than good
  4. Stay Around: It is really important that the parents stay around to keep a check on their babies. Toddlers also feel happy when their family is around. Having familiar faces around the baby is the best way to keep him happy


What Precautions Should You Take On Your Child's First Diwali?

During the 5-6 days long Diwali celebrations, every parent especially mother should keep the following precautions in mind so that nothing goes wrong as far as baby safety is concerned.

  • Leave Baby in Safe Hands: The most important rule is to always leave your baby with someone. In the busy schedule of Diwali preparations, you cannot always stay with your baby. Hence, leaving him with someone responsible is the best way to keep the baby safe. This way you will always feel at ease as your baby will be in safe hands. You can have some relative babysit for you or you can leave the infant with his grandparents
  • Go for Safe Decoration Options: When you have a little baby in the house, you must pick your decorations with utmost care. Floating diya's, candles, etc. are not safe options for Diwali decorations. Not only they can cause burns on the skin if your toddler fiddles with them but he can also swallow them up if they are too small
  • Diya Placement: Be very cautious about placing diya's. Choose the safest corners and wall heights to place them. Make sure that they are beyond the baby's reach
  • Keep Crackers Away: Diwali is all about burning crackers. Do not burn them inside the house. Keep your baby away from the smoke and ash. Also, make sure that he doesn't feel uncomfortable due to loud noises. It is always advisable to keep your toddler at a safe distance from the fireworks so that the chances of an accident are nil. You can always come back to a silent place in the house so that the baby feels comfortable. To provide more comfort if the baby is too small just put cotton balls in baby's ears to prevent his ears from the loud noise of crackers
  • First Aid Kit: Make sure that you have kept your first aid kit ready and at an easy place. In case, the infant gets a burn, or any minor injury you can take immediate action without having to look for an ointment


These are few tips that will help you make festive celebrations a lot better for you, and while your is not at an age, where he or she will participate in the festive celebrations but you can always make it a more comfortable Diwali for him or her. Make sure you take care of all these points in advance so that it becomes a beautiful and happy festival for him and for you.

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very helpful blogs for the current scenario. kudos to writer & parentune

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