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Beat festival bloating in 8 easy steps...

Foram Modi
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Beat festival bloating in 8 easy steps

We all love festivals! We eagerly await the time we get to spend with our loved ones, prepare special festival treats, eat out together, sleep late and snack and drink more than usual - and generally end up overeating and not exercising. Although it’s a lot of fun, it takes a toll on our bodies. One common problem people face post-festivities is bloating – which is extremely uncomfortable and saps our energy. Proparent blogger Foram Modi shares some easy, useful steps to help your body recover and overcome that festival bloat – so the next time you do indulge, you need not worry! • Make some important yet easy changes in your diet – opt for raw foods and a lot of fruits and vegetables, foods rich in probiotics like yogurt, and more… • Detox – go for a juice cleanse for a few days and watch your body recover. • Useful diet tips on what to avoid and what to include – avoiding caffeine, filling up on fibre, drinking lots of water, choosing the right foods, and more… • Read on for a great recipe for the perfect detox smoothie and hangover cure…

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Savitha Kota

| Aug 16, 2017

it's very useful

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Rajani Jagadesan

| Aug 13, 2017

how made it?

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