Being a Mother - An awakening

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Being a Mother An awakening

A first time mum narrating her experience so far in the journey.

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| May 09, 2013

Thanku all for ur appreciation... :)

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| May 08, 2013

Very true.. word to word :)

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| May 07, 2013

Wonderful expression Srividya !! Loved every bit of ur write-up :)

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| May 07, 2013

Srividya , you have beautifully described what I too feel about my child and motherhood. As kids , we never realize the amount of pain, agony a mother goes through while trying to bring us up. A mother cries all the time, sometimes the tears reveal her affection, her love for her child and there are times when she cries to show her deepest concern , her fear , her insecurity with regard to the child. She becomes so vulnerable that she cries over little things that concern their kids, but strong at the same time as on her shoulders lies the responsibility of bringing up the child in such a way that he or she can face the world. No matter how old the children grow, parents responsibilities , their concern , their affection towards their children never ceases. It keeps them worrying all their life. This kind of love only a mother can feel about her children. She knows no limits when it comes to taking care of the child. I belong to one such mother who has sacrificed her entire life for the sake of her children. She is still suffering as her only son suffers .....suffers to the extent noone i knew has suffered but never there was a time when I heard her complaining or raising her voice or cursing her destiny . I salute her , and I salute every mother.

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