Being a mother : Is priceless

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Updated on May 13, 2013

Being a mother Is priceless

I have been blessed with two beautiful children - Fatima and Ibrahim. From the very first moment when I learnt that I am carrying my love in my womb, my heart filled with immense joy. My love for my unborn children grew with each flutter and kick. As they were born and I held them in my arms and would rock them to sleep while singing whatever sweet tune filled my heart.

I try to show them with every breath how much they mean to me. I try to give them affection and attention every day of my life. Fatima is now in class 3 and Ibrahim is in LKG. Every single day, I look forward to hearing them share their learning and experiences with me so that I can get a glimpse of their moments away from me and also help and guide them.

I love to sit with them through their homework. I go through their text books when they are not around so I can figure out every little detail and be a part of their learning process. I just pray that wherever they go in life when they grow up, they must remember that their mom loves them. I would lay down my life just to make my little ones smile. They are the reason I wake up every morning, looking forward to a day full of beautiful moments. They are the reason why I can face life's hardships easily.

Without my children, I would have no one to love. My children are like sponges. They absorb everything from me but with one squeezing hug I get it all back . Isn't that PRICELESS ? !!

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| Sep 02, 2015

Really straight from heart especially the last lines

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| Sep 02, 2015

Well said.. !!! you have spoken the heart of all the mommys and mommys to be... :)

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| May 13, 2015


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| May 14, 2013

Very nicely written

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