Being a Mother - the gift of motherhood

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Updated on May 12, 2020

Being a Mother the gift of motherhood
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The Birthday week begins. Revaant, my bundle of joy, is about to complete a year. A whole year has passed us by - a year of countless belly laughs, squeals of delight and open-mouthed kisses. Of snuggling chest-to-chest, and resting his head on my shoulder. A year of new foods and new abilities and new discoveries. A year of contented sighs and sweet dreams and messy faces and stinky diapers. The babbling, singing, biting, and smiling, the gummy grins and eight teeth. A beautiful year of watching my baby bond with his father, moments so precious I will never forget.

As I said, it has been one incredible year. My child has brought never ending happiness into our lives and every single day with him is an adventure. I was actually laughing through tears of joy while I delivered him one year ago. It was undoubtedly the single best experience of my life and now, looking back, I feel as if it was only a glimpse of what was to come. A lifetime of beauty, elation, laughter, wonder, unconditional love and commitment, all wrapped up together in one precious and charismatic bundle.

I am thankful to my baby boy for giving me the gift of motherhood.

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