Being a Mother - The incredible first moment ..

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Updated on May 07, 2013

Being a Mother The incredible first moment

The euphoric moment when i saw her held high, pink, perfect and crying. I reached out my arms in the most urgent grasp to hold her & finally felt the weight of her body in my arms. As i drew her to my face so i could kiss her, Skin to skin- We connected.

She cried one good hearty cry while I sobbed steadily while i had a beaming smile. I kissed her nose & made note that it was cold -- colder than the rest of her.

We had a quiet bonding experience;  mother and baby and there started a relationship that has captivated me in a way i could have never anticipated.


That moment; we fell in love, my princess -"Pavika and I."




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| May 07, 2013

Your words convey so much Love and Joy :)Lucky WE - The Mothers !!

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| May 07, 2013

beautiful words Puneeta!

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