Being a Mother - The incredible first moment ..

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Being a Mother The incredible first moment
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The euphoric moment when i saw her held high, pink, perfect and crying. I reached out my arms in the most urgent grasp to hold her & finally felt the weight of her body in my arms. As i drew her to my face so i could kiss her, Skin to skin- We connected.

She cried one good hearty cry while I sobbed steadily while i had a beaming smile. I kissed her nose & made note that it was cold -- colder than the rest of her.

We had a quiet bonding experience;  mother and baby and there started a relationship that has captivated me in a way i could have never anticipated.

That moment; we fell in love, my princess -"Pavika and I."

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| Dec 21, 2019

Simply loved the words actually they are not words they are feelings, it is the responsibility for showing utmost care to the magic sent by God in our arms

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| Nov 16, 2019

Amazing read!

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| Nov 16, 2019


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| May 07, 2013

Your words convey so much Love and Joy :)Lucky WE - The Mothers !!

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| May 07, 2013

beautiful words Puneeta!

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