'Believe in yourself as a mother'

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Believe in yourself as a mother

Looking over the shoulder, rethinking her parenting, is not for Amrita Arora. She believes in herself as a mother and knows what is good for her children. Read about the celebrity mom and how she manages two bundles of energy at home, together.

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Rukhsar Khan

| Oct 20, 2015

Its really soo damn true... sometimes it becomes really irritating when sum1 pokes in between u and ur child... realating to anythng... may it be ur childs way of doing potty... ☺

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| Oct 10, 2015

Vry helpful.... I hope I will be able to handle my 3yr old more efficiently

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Lovely Rani

| Sep 25, 2015

very true!

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| Sep 16, 2015

very well written .. insightful

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Sneha Agarwal

| Sep 16, 2015

d thghts r helpful wit a routine wrk set for d children. kid shd b grown up wit a balance of love nd strictness.. helpfull.

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