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Benefits Of Using Olive Oil For Baby’s Massage

Soma Sarkar
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Updated on May 19, 2018

Benefits Of Using Olive Oil For Babys Massage

Babies are very delicate and sensitive. They require special attention in all over of their health, their diet, skin or hair. By breastfeeding and massaging we can make the mother baby bond stronger. Indian tradition helps mother's to know much better about massaging all our mother and mother in law guide us the proper way or we can always consider taking help of maalish wali. It has tons of benefits. Skin massage is also considered as a therapeutic touching way that has physiological and mental effects on the infants.

In addition to helping you and your baby bond massage help your baby in many other ways like it calms down your baby, helps in digestion, helps in weight gain, boost immune system, helps with better skin texture, brain development, metabolism and many more.

Now next question arises which oil? Traditionally mustard oil was used.Selection of right type of oil is important as many local products have side effects like allergies or rashes. Doctors prefers Olive Oil. It is the safest.

What Is Olive Oil?

Olive oil is a fat which is obtained by processing whole olives. They are fruits of a traditional tree crop of the Mediterranean Basin, named olea europaea.

Some Benefits Of Olive Oil -

  1. It is like a lotion and a perfect moisturizer for baby’s skin.Olive oil makes baby skin smooth, shiny, and healthy
  2. Helps in toning and healing skin
  3. Olive oil can be used in both cold and hot weather
  4. Cradle cap is a form of dandruff that causes a layer of dry skin to form on the baby’s head shortly after birth, olive oil really helped my son to get rid of that
  5. It has a high content of oleic acid and low linoleic acid. Linoleic acid strengthens your baby’s skin barrier, oleic acid increases the permeability of some layers of the baby’s skin
  6. It is rich in healthy fats, phenolic anti-oxidant Vitamin E, oleic acids, regular massage helps in obtaining good skin tone, promoting bone and muscle health

How To Use?

  1. One easiest way is to have it in small amount as it is and rub gently twice a day
  2. For cradle cap (dandruff) you can warm oil and massage gently on hair roots before bath
  3. During bath you can add few drops in bath water
  4. After bath you can mix little oil with baby lotion and apply

Massage Directions -

Face and tummy:

Follow heart shape movements.


Rub from inside to outside shoulders

Arms and legs:

From arms to fingers and thighs to down toes.


Downward gently through spine and sides gentle rub.

Again mother's instinct is best if you see any bad effects like rashes or redness after oil massage please talk to your pediatrician.It depends baby to baby.But my personal experience says it's the best.I didn't got any skin related issues. Massage helps them in the long run, my son is 4 now but still it’s a routine now to massage before bath with olive oil.

Hope these tips will encourage you to massage your baby. Please comment if you have other suggestions.

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| Jun 09, 2018

Yes it is very good......

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| May 24, 2018

yes.... olive oil best for babies......

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| May 23, 2018

oilve oli massage for 15 days baby in summer day is useful

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| May 23, 2018

from which month start my babies body massage? betroli olive oil is perfect for body massage?? which hair oil for babies is better? please give me answer

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| May 20, 2018

useful tips!

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| May 19, 2018

really good ...thank you

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| May 19, 2018

Yes I liked it nd it's the useful information

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| May 19, 2018

which company oilve oil is best

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