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Best Gift for Kids Who Love Music

Prisha Lalwani
1 to 3 years

Created by Prisha Lalwani
Updated on Mar 26, 2021

 Best Gift for Kids Who Love Music

We are a music-loving family. Incoming Chirag, my little one, absolutely loves music and keeps humming songs all the time. That's why it seemed perfect to get him Saregama #carvaanminikids from Amazon.

It is not just a Bluetooth speaker, but can play songs from the USB, while also has inbuilt

80+ classic rhymes in Hindi and English

300+ stories in Hindi and English

15 phonetic based learning modules

30+ Mantras and Devotional songs

And most importantly, no internet is required. It is compact and easy to use. While Chirag enjoys rhymes, Chitransh likes to listen to stories or simply turns on the mantras and rhymes of his choice.

As long as they are productively busy and away from #screentime - I'm a happy mom!

So here's some good news for my dear audience too. Carvaan mini kids is available on Saregama, Amazon, Flipkart, firstcry, and Paytm. Also, get a 10% discount by using the code Parentune10 on saregama's website.

I'd say hurry up, and watch your kids rock n roll or, 'get one with the world' and have the ball of fun rolling. 4

#Learningisfun #parentunecollab

Disclaimer- This content is sponsored by Saregama Carvaan MiniKids

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