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Celebrating The Hero Of Our Lives, Daddy Dearest!


Created by Ekta
Updated on Jun 14, 2019

Celebrating The Hero Of Our Lives Daddy Dearest
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Gone are the days when fatherhood was often related to being a bread-earner of the family. Today's day is doing it all. From changing nappies, dropping a child to school, helping with homework to singing lullabies to their child. But sometimes, we tend to scale down the contributions a dad makes to the family. So this Father's Day, let's make him special, let's appreciate all the efforts he takes for us. Let's shower all our love on the 'Daddy Dearest'!

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| Jul 01, 2019


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| Jul 12, 2019

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| Jul 23, 2019

My expectation is this letter motivates all dads and fathers to be to call yourselves forward and understand the role you play in our life. This letter is to genuinely celebrate what is conceivable among dads and daughters! Write My Essay | EssayEmpire

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| Feb 22, 2020

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