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Things To Keep In Mind Before Sending Your Child For An Outstation School Trip

Urvashi Shah
11 to 16 years

Created by Urvashi Shah
Updated on Dec 19, 2018

Things To Keep In Mind Before Sending Your Child For An Outstation School Trip

Is your child headed out for a tour from school? Are you excited and nervous at the same time to send your child away from you for a couple of days? If yes, then don’t worry as other parents also tend to feel the same. Your mind must have already begun prepping up or the things that your child needs to take in his backpack.

Scroll down to read some of the things you need to pack when your child is going for an outstation school trip.

Things You Need To Ensure Your Child Packs For The Trip

Here are some things you need to keep in mind while sending your child to an outstation school trip.

  1. Clothes: This is the first thing that you will be packing for your teen. According to the number of days that your child will be on the trip, including the days of travel, you can pack his/her clothes with the same number of undergarments too. You can check his/her tour schedule and pack accordingly. An extra pair of clothing will come handy just in case. A few napkins and a towel should also be packed. Involve your teen while packing the clothes, in case he or she wants to pack in some other set of clothes
  2. Laundry bag: As your child will not be washing the clothes all by himself/herself, it is better to stack up a separate bag so that the used clothes can be put in it. This will make it easier for you to recognize the dirty clothes and put them for wash once your child is back
  3. Bed sheets: Give your child 2 sets of bed sheets along with pillow covers which he/she can use whilst on the trip. Ensure that your teen knows how to change the sheets neatly and also fold them, this holds true for both son and daughter
  4. Toiletries: Take a toilet bag and put your child’s toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, hair oil, moisturizer, bathing soap, hand washing soap, shampoo and a sanitizer. Teach your child to keep them back in the same bag after using them every day. For your teen daughter, also give her a pack of sanitary napkins for any kind of emergency. In case your son has started shaving, you can pack a good electric razor
  5. Mosquito repellent: Mosquito repellent is an essential item to be packed in your teen’s bag as a safety measure. Tell your teen to apply the repellent every day in order to protect himself/herself from the mosquito bites, which at times can even lead to serious disease
  6. A torch: A torch with a charged battery can come handy in case the power goes off suddenly. So it is better you pack up the same
  7. Snacks: Whilst your child is travelling with his/her friends up to the destination some snacks can come handy for munching. Pack sufficient and healthy snacks that your child can eat along his/her way to the trip and even while coming back home
  8. An extra pair of shoes: Since school trips include some adventure activities, you can pack an extra pair of shoes for your child if the current one gets dirty or gets worn out in the middle. Also pack formal shoes for your son and a fancy sandal for your daughter for a that party evening. Packing the required number of socks as per the number of days of the trip is also advisable. You may give extra socks as well
  9. Contact numbers: Your child must have surely memorized your contact numbers until now but it is safe to hand him/her a small diary which contains your contact information including your home address
  10. Medicines: Certain medicines such as that of nausea, stomach ache, fever and headache can be given to your child for safety. In case your child tends to fall sick, these medicines can come handy for him/her. If your child is already on a medication, then pack them too

Keeping your teen’s bag light with simple yet essential stuffs to be packed is the trick. You can write your child’s name, class, division and your contact number of a piece of paper and tape it on the bag so that his/her bag doesn’t get misplaced. With these things to be packed for your child, you can finally send him/her off on a tour with happy faces.

Did you like the blog on things to keep in mind before sending your child for an outstation school trip? What else do you pack for your teen/child when he or she is going for a school trip? Share your views and feedback with us in the comments section below.

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| Oct 03, 2018

Thnku so much for ur wonderful suggestions... I'm send my son to the school trip... as u said I'm excited as well nervous too... all make sure wil take him along wit me to pack all the needs mentioned... very helpful...

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