Children and Internet

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Children and Internet

My father had gifted me, an Oxford English Dictionary when I had passed out of class 12 (1995). It still has a prominent place on my book shelf and I consult it from time to time but truth be told the Oxford English dictionary gets updated every year and if I need to consult for a word that is not in my version of the dictionary I have to either buy a dictionary or log on to the internet which will have the latest/updated version of the dictionary and it is accessible on a single click.

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Navjyot Kaur

| Jul 16, 2014

thanks for the information shared

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| Jul 11, 2014

Nice blog. Tips r of great help.

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| Sep 17, 2013

Thanx v. informative. Will keep all the tips in mind.

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Neetu Ralhan

| Nov 06, 2012

I got access to the internet when I was 20 and my child has had it since he was 7. There are pros and cons however if we can keep a tab on what the kids access, the internet can be a great a/v learning tool for kids..

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